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Burning Nights Vampire LARP

About Us

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Burning Nights Vampire LARP, is a combination of Requium rules with Masquerade politics and clans thats takes place in the next nights, after the War of  Gehenna.
We game in Tucson and meet every 1st 3rd and 5th friday night.

The Rules (General)
1. LARP means Live Action Role playing Game, which means that you are required to dress up. If you need help with clothing or props, please let us know and we will do what we can to get you appropriate attire.
2. No drinking or drugs. No coming to the gatherings visibly under the influence of any of the substances, with any substances on your person, with paraphernalia of substances, and avoid having clothing that promotes controlled substances.
3. No physical contact without permission. Remember, that just because something is permissible between two people is not always permissible with everyone.
4. Occasionally at some gatherings weapon like props might be allowed, but always ask for permission first. Some people have phobias against guns. . .and there should never be visible weapons at any public game (especially games at the college campus).
5. If you are coming to the game, you are required to game at least seventy per cent of the time. If you have to be in character for prolonged periods, you will be asked to leave the site as to not create a distraction.
6. No observers. We have characters affectionately referred to as “feeder rabbits” (or Jack and Bunny, although those names are optional) that have no stats that people can play and they are uncomfortable with the rules. Also, there are plenty of NPC (non-player characters) for those that are not ready to create their own characters. The reasons behind this is two-fold: observers are distracting and promote out of character qactivites (and even make some people nervous) and you cannot learn a LARP by just watching. . .best way is to jump in.
7. No one under the age of eighteen without WRITTEN permission from the parents. Some adult themes (and definitely strong language) occur at the games, and I do not want an angry parent on my hands. Sixteen and seventeen can enter the game, but there must be NO physical contact at the game sight with them. (There are certain concepts that minors cannot play).
8. No live violence. Occasionally, we have choreographed stunts, but we do not go around beating the heck out of each other.
9. What a narrator says, goes. Even if the book completely disagrees with them. . .just accept it and move on. Bring up rules questions to me after a game. . .not during. If the narrator was wrong, we’ll work on it and figure out the best course of action.
10. I do not discriminate based off race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, etc. If you have a problem with a certain race or sexual orientation, LARP is not the game for you. (Not just my LARP, but any LARP.)


Masquerade:  Do not reveal yourself to humans, werewolves, etc.  Our greatest strength is in the fact that most people do not know we exist.  We have plenty of enemies: cryptid hunters, the mysterious Keres and Ordo Dracul, and the creatures from beyond the Veil.  We do not need more.  This doesn’t just mean not telling someone that you’re a vampire.  It means: KEEP A LOW PROFILE.  If you shoot up a mall, then you bring unwanted attention to not just yourself, but all vampires.
Responsibility:  You are responsible for your own property, including your childer.  If they screw up, then it is your responsibility to take care of it.  This also means that you are required to act on at least the most basic fealty to the Prince in charge of your area.  They were chosen by a council of vampires and work to protect us and take care of disputes within Vampires.  Ultimately, we need leadership. . .and to get along.
Amaranth:  Do not commit Amaranth.  It is rumored that Amaranth brought the elders and Caine back the first time.  While it is commonly believed that they were destroyed, we have decided as a race not to test this theory. 

Camazotz: Uniquely from the Americas, these winged warriors claim to have been granted immortality from the Aztec god, Xipe-Topec
Daeva: Wild and passionate, these deviants and seductresses are the inspiration for the myth of the incubus and succubus.
Gangrel:  Wild of
mind and ferocious in body, these vampires are embraced because of the ability to survive and evolve.
Malkavian: Once dismissed as simply insane, the lunatics have learned to fully channel their derangements into enlightenment, acting as advisors instead of jesters.
Mullo: Vampires that were once vampire hunters, these vampires keep close ties with their Romany families and even closer ties to their Hindu and Catholic beliefs.
Rakshasa:  The childer of the Deva Kali and the Fallen Angel Lucifer, these devils in Undead flesh belief that humans can only achieve salvation after overcoming corruption.
Salubri: Strongly religious and committed to their higher ideals, these three-eyed vampires believe that they have divine responsibility to protect Humanity.
Spriggan: The vampires that live in closets and under the beds, these creatures are a longtime part of kid culture but have been separated from the adult world for too long.
Ventrue:  The scions of family lines of royalty long since forgotten, they have the burden of responsibility for human, beast, and vampire placed on their shoulders.
Wendigo:  The youngest and most feral of all the clans, if the Gangrel are the greatest survivors. . .then these cannibals are the ultimate predators.

Burning Nights Vampire LARP, is a combination of Requium rules with Masquerade politics and clans thats takes place in the next nights, after the War of  Gehenna.